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Our mission is to fulfill emerging markets by completing the full digital transformation process.

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Our Main Projects​

Our main projects represent our commitment to innovation and impact. Each one is a testament to our dedication to excellence and the pursuit of a brighter future.

Government Services Gateway is a platform that provides you with government services in a convenient, personal, and modern digital format, through the digital transformation of the information infrastructure in Egypt.

The Scientific Supervision Platform targets the service of Egyptian students studying abroad worldwide at their own expense, not employed by any governmental entity within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Study in Egypt! The new educational adventure that makes all the difference. You have to go to a place for education and fun. We provide you with easy access to all higher education entities in Egypt, as well as facilitating boarding the plane through a comprehensive range of services

Your unified platform for all electricity services, where you can complete all operations related to the electricity company from your location without the need to visit government offices

The national project for the development of the Egyptian family has been launched, representing the overall strategic goal of the Egyptian Family Development Plan.

The electronic voting system project is a cornerstone in the plan to develop elections of all types.