Digital Signature 

What is Fixed Misr Digital  Signature?

As a Certificate Authority (CA). Fixed Egypt issued Digital Signature Certificates for normal persons. Mainly it is the most legal electronic form for your handwriting signature (Ink & Paper). Beside its legal value, it can be applied basically on all kind of documents. So, it facilitates and secure your daily e-Transactions and make it easy to verify.

Why Digital Signature is important?

General Advantages of Digital Signature Service

Document Confidentiality: Digital documents are safe from such risks if they are properly signed and back up
Performance Upgrade: Organizations benefit hugely in speed, performance, and efficiency by using digital signatures.
Money saving
Eco-Friendly: Approach: by saving lots of paper
Legal Validity: Digital signatures also provide legal assurance for customer


Digital Signature Tool (Smart Token).

– It is a smart chip (Smart Token) with a digital certificate registered and           connected with the digital identity (National ID Number, Position, Authorities, Official e-mail).
–  The chip located inside the USB reader to be connected to the computer,     where the signature will be electronically signed after entering the PIN


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